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    Water fountain raised 20 feet in the middle road in the city: Fountain raised in Tajpur road, supply pipe leaked


    Sep 30, 2022

    Samastipur4 hours ago

    The water fountain rose up to 20 feet in Tajpur Road of Samastipur city on Friday evening due to leakage of the supply pipe of the Municipal Corporation. Due to this sudden water fountain, the traffic on Samastipur Tajpur road also came to a standstill for some time. Later, the Municipal Corporation personnel reached the spot and repaired the leaking pipe. Then the operations started.

    It has been told that a few days ago, a new pipe has been laid by the Jal Councilor in this area for the supply of water. The connection of the pipe is not done properly, due to which the case of water leaking from the pipe keeps coming to the fore every day. The main supply pipe leaked just before a hotel on Samastipur Tajpur main road on Friday evening. Due to which 15 to 20 feet high fountain of water started rising on the middle road. Due to this sudden fountain, many passers-by were also drenched with water.

    Later the matter was informed to the Municipal Corporation, then the water supply was stopped by the Municipal Corporation administration. After which the water pressure decreased and then the pipe was repaired. The operation on this road could resume after the water flow stopped. On the other hand, people are also calling it the fountain of corruption. People say that the pipeline has been laid by the Jal Board in the urban area, the problem of leaks is coming at many places. In many wards, the pipe has been passed over the road itself. Due to which the case of pipe bursting keeps coming to the fore every day.


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