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VIDEO: Dubai airport submerged due to heavy rains, flights diverted; knee-deep water in shopping mall


Apr 27, 2024


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floods in united arab emirates
– Photo : X/Science Girl, Clean Car Club


Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, which is known for its dry and hot temperatures, witnessed heavy rains on Tuesday that left the entire city flooded. Heavy rains brought this bustling city to a complete standstill. Along with this, the flood situation in the city has increased the concern about climate change. Due to heavy rain on Tuesday, Dubai International Airport was also waterlogged. Let us tell you that Dubai International Airport is known as the busiest air hub in the world.

Waterlogging in Dubai International Airport

In view of the waterlogging situation at the airport, many incoming flights were diverted. Dubai Airport usually sees around 100 flights on a normal evening, but flights were diverted there due to climate change. However, after 25 minutes the arrival of planes gradually started again.

Heavy rains led to delays in flight operations or cancellation of flights. In the viral video on social media, it can be seen that the runway has been completely submerged. The airport parking is also half submerged. Waterlogging was also seen in the roads leading to the airport. Dubai shopping mall is also filled with knee-deep water.

Oman and Bahrain also drowned in floods

Due to heavy rains, the roads of Dubai collapsed, water started leaking from the roofs, doors and windows of various houses. The impact of the storm has spread beyond Dubai. Along with the entire United Arab Emirates, neighboring country Bahrain was also submerged in floods. In view of the current situation, schools have been closed in UAE. So far 18 people have died in Oman due to the storm. The situation in Bahrain has also worsened due to the storm.


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