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The first 100 days of Modi government are very important, it started in Gujarat only.


Apr 27, 2024


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi

These days, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is busy campaigning for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He is continuously holding election rallies and road shows during Navratri. Meanwhile, a post of Prime Minister Modi has been shared from the handle Modi Archive X, which is viral on social media. In this post, it has been told that when Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, what works did he do in the 100 day action plan. The then Chief Minister Narendra Modi not only cracked down on careless bureaucrats but also invested the money received from the auction in the education of daughters.

Took oath as CM on 7 October 2001

Along with this, old newspaper cuttings have also been shared on X. The date 17.01.2002 is mentioned in it. On 7 October 2001, Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the first time. Posting from the Modi Archive From cracking down on negligent bureaucrats to investing the money received from auctions in the education of daughters, he set many examples.

Celebrated Diwali with earthquake victims

CM Narendra Modi also celebrated Diwali with the earthquake victims and also personally explained their plight to IAS officers. Emphasizing the need to work at the grassroots level, he started gram sabhas and public welfare fairs. So that the distance between administration and people can be reduced. This explains why Narendra Modi’s approach is compared to that of ‘Karmayogi’, because he gives priority to people, more than politics.

‘I say what has happened is just a trailer right now’

Let us tell you that recently in an interview, PM Narendra Modi had also told about the 100-day action plan along with the preparation for the third term. PM Modi had said that I do not believe that I have done everything yet. I still have a lot to do. Because, I see how many needs my country still has. The dream of every family, how that dream will be fulfilled, is in my heart. So, I say what has happened is just the trailer right now, I want to do much more than this for the country.

‘Had started planning before going to the elections’

The PM said, I had started making plans before going to the elections. For the last two years, I have been working keeping 2047 in mind, hence I have taken suggestions from about 15 lakh people of the country as to how they want to see the country in the coming 25 years. 15-20 lakh people have given their suggestions. He told that everyone sent inputs, then I created the vision using AI. After this, a team of officers was formed in every department for the next 25 years and then I myself held a meeting and understood about it.

Even before this, PM Modi had contested the Lok Sabha elections of 2014 and 2019 with a 100-day action plan. (IANS)

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