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    US vows ‘consequences’ for Russia over nukes


    Sep 26, 2022

    Kyiv: An overnight drone strike near Odesa sparked a massive fire and explosion, Ukraine’s military said on Monday, hours after the United States vowed to take decisive action and promised “catastrophic consequences” if Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

    The airstrike was the latest in a series of drone attacks on the key southern Ukrainian city in recent days. This one hit a military installation and detonated ammunition when it struck. Firefighters were struggling to contain the blaze, the Ukrainian military’s southern command said.

    Concerns are growing that Russia may seek to escalate the war once it completes what Ukraine and the West see as illegal referendums in parts of Ukraine under its control.

    The voting, which ends on Tuesday, happened after thousands of residents had fled and have included images of armed Russian troops going door-to-door to pressure Ukrainians into voting.

    Russia is widely expected to declare the results in its favor, a step that could see Moscow annex the territory and give it the pretext to seek to defend it as its own territory under the Russian nuclear umbrella.

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    US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan made it clear that Russia would pay a high price if it made good on veiled threats to use nuclear weapons in the conflict.

    “If Russia crosses this line there will be catastrophic consequences for Russia. The United States will respond decisively,” he told NBC News’ “Meet the Press” program on Sunday.

    Washington’s message has been more detailed in private conversations with their Russian counterparts, he said without elaborating.

    “So, the Russians understand where we are. We understand where we are. We are planning for every contingency,” he said in separate comments to ABC News’ This Week program. “And we will do what is necessary to deter Russia from taking this step.”

    Elsewhere, a Russian rocket attack targeted a village in southeastern Ukraine. The attack struck an unnamed village and the regional center of Zaporizhzhia, regional military official Oleksandr Starukh said online.

    He posted pictures of damaged buildings and said unspecified infrastructure had also been damaged and fires were sparked by the attack.

    Meanwhile, the first batches of Russian troops mobilized by Moscow have begun to arrive at military bases, the United Kingdom’s military said on Monday.

    In an online intelligence briefing, the British Defense Ministry said “many tens of thousands” had been called up. But the Russians face challenges ahead.

    “Unlike most Western armies, the Russian military provides low-level, initial training to soldiers within their designated operational units, rather than in dedicated training establishments,” the ministry said.

    Under normal circumstances, two battalions deploy while a third remains behind to train. But in the Ukraine war, even the third battalion is deploying, weakening that training, he added.


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