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    US Navy official: PH America’s ‘great ally’


    Sep 29, 2022

    ZAMBOANGA CITY: Rear Admiral Jeromy Williams, commander of the US Special Operations Command Pacific, described the Philippines as one of the “greatest allies” of the United States during a visit this week to the Western Mindanao Command (WestMinCom) in Camp Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City .

    Officers and personnel of WestMinCom rendered foyer honors to Williams upon his arrival at the WestMinCom headquarters here.

    The US naval official was received by WestMinCom’s Deputy Commander for External Defense Operations Brig. Gen. Arturo Rojas and the Command Staff at the Laong-Laan Hall of the command.

    Williams said the purpose of his visit was to sustain the good relationship between American and Philippine forces.

    He added that he was honored to visit one of the “great allies” of the United States of America, the Philippines.

    Rojas thanked the admiral for taking the time to visit WestMinCom.

    Williams took over the helm of the Special Operations Command Pacific based at Camp HM Smith, Hawaii, in March 2022.

    Prior to this post, he was the deputy director for Special Operations and Counter-terrorism, Joint Staff, based in Washington, DC


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