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    UP News For the first time a special session was arranged for the female MLA, CM Yogi said- ‘It should have happened long ago’


    Sep 22, 2022
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    UP Vidhan Sabha


    • Monsoon session of UP Vidhan Sabha begins today
    • For the first time, a special session was arranged for the female MLA
    • I would like good suggestions and positive discussions: CM

    UP News: A special session dedicated to women was organized in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly on Thursday. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath while proposing it said that this session of the largest legislature of India will set an example in front of the country as to what women members want to speak. He said that if any positive suggestion comes from the women members regarding the future, present and self-reliance of the state, it would help the government to take necessary steps. The Chief Minister said, “Today the largest legislature of the country is moving towards creating a new history. After 75 years of independence, the voice of half the population will reach 25 crore population of the state through this house. Apart from the problems and achievements of the state, he will get an opportunity to keep other contemporary issues in this house. In fact, this work should have been done a long time ago.”

    Men and women got this right together

    The Chief Minister also said, “I think an atmosphere will be created if a sister can conduct the House as the presiding officer, if only for a short while in the special session dedicated to women members.” He read a few lines dedicated to the feminine power of Maharishi Ved Vyas and said, “If this feeling comes in the mind of every person, then nothing is impossible. This attempt to give equal status to women and men is not happening for the first time. After independence very good efforts were made in this direction. A lot of progress has also been made.” Yogi said, “The framers of the Constitution of India had given the right to vote to men as well as women from the very beginning. In England and many other countries of the world, women got this right after India.

    The words of women used to get suppressed in the noise: CM

    He jokingly said, “I will say to the male members here that on normal days, women’s talk would be suppressed in your noise. Whatever you deserve today, you will accept it. If I come to know about my mistake, then I will apologize by holding both ears in the house and will make further improvements, so that it can help in running the house better. At this, there was a loud ruckus in the house. Leader of Opposition Akhilesh Yadav jokingly asked, “How does the Leader of the House (unmarried Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath) know all these things.” The Chief Minister recalled the contribution of women and their sacrifices in the freedom struggle during the Vedic period and later.

    I would like good suggestions and positive discussions: CM

    He also mentioned in detail the government schemes dedicated to women and daughters. Yogi said, “I would like good suggestions to come and positive discussions. There are always allegations and counter-allegations. Get up and talk to them today. Whatever proceedings of the House take place today, it will become a document and people who see this document after 50 years or 100 years will get inspiration from it.” He said, “This discussion will give a new identity to the state. I request that while relaxing the rules, women members should be allowed to discuss for as long as they want and the same should be published. It is noteworthy that Thursday’s session of the Uttar Pradesh Legislature has been reserved for women members. During this, only women members will keep their point in the house.









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