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    UP News: Chief Minister Yogi Said, Comprehensive Improvement In The Functioning Of Tehsils Is Necessary, Work Should Be Done Within The Time Limit


    May 16, 2023
    UP News: Chief Minister Yogi Said, Comprehensive Improvement In The Functioning Of Tehsils Is Necessary, Work should be done within the time limit

    Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.
    Photo: amar ujala

    There is a need for major reforms in the functioning of tehsils. We have to make concerted efforts regarding transparency and timeliness. Complaints and problems should be resolved within a time limit. Digitization should be promoted. Cases related to inheritance and succession should not be kept pending unnecessarily. Keeping in mind the expectations of the common man, a detailed action plan should be prepared and presented for improvement in the functioning of tehsils. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said these things in a meeting with the officers on Tuesday. In the meeting, he reviewed the schemes of the government.

    He directed that programs like Swamitva, Gharoni and Varasat have achieved success in providing great convenience to the general public. So far, houses have been distributed to more than 56.17 lakh villagers. Survey work is remaining in only 15 revenue villages, this should also be completed as soon as possible. Our target should be that by the end of this year all the eligible villagers will get “Gharauni” certificate giving ownership rights of their houses.

    He said that the facilities of teleconsultation and health ATMs should be increased for easy availability of health services in rural areas. With this, people of remote areas will be able to get advice from good doctors in case of illness. Trained manpower should be deployed for health ATMs. People should be made aware about this while expanding the teleconsultation service.

    Incentive is being provided by the state government with the objective of encouraging the industrial units investing in the state. All such cases should be thoroughly reviewed and resolved appropriately without delay. It should be disposed off by the Industrial Development Department giving top priority.

    The communicable disease campaign conducted in the month of April has sent a good message among the common people. Awareness about infectious, communicable diseases has increased among people. We have to continue such efforts continuously. Activity should be further increased to prevent encephalitis in Gorakhpur, Basti and Devipatan divisions, malaria in Bareilly and neighboring divisions and chikungunya in Bundelkhand. Similar efforts should be made in these areas to prevent encephalitis. Make people aware for cleanliness and consumption of pure drinking water. Take the help of pediatricians as well.

    He said that illegal taxi stand, bus stand/rickshaw stand should not operate in any district of the state. Such stands encourage illegal recovery. This recovery is used in anti-social activities. Wherever such activities are being conducted, they should be stopped immediately. Determine contractor location for taxi stand. It is necessary to fix the route for e-rickshaws in the cities.

    The system should be kept smooth in all the cow shelters. There should be proper arrangements for green fodder-straw etc. Arrangements should be made to keep the cattle safe from heat or sunlight. There is a huge potential for employment generation in the dairy sector. Keeping this in view, innovations should be encouraged. Efforts should be made to connect more and more youth with the dairy sector.

    “Mathrubhoomi Yojana” is being started to make the common man a participant in the development of infrastructure facilities in the villages. Its formal launch will be done soon. A large number of people have joined this scheme and have expressed their desire to get buildings, roads, community centers, etc. built in their villages in the name of their ancestors. Efforts should be made to connect more and more people with this scheme. A proposal for such a plan should be prepared for urban areas as well.




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