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    Uorfi Javed Making Dress By Toilet Paper Netiznes Brutally Trolled Her Watch Latest Video | Uorfi Javed Video: Urfi Javed made toilet paper dress, furious users said


    Mar 25, 2023


    Uorfi Javed Latest Video: Urfi Javed, who often grabs headlines due to her unusual dressing sense and rhetoric, does not need any separate identity. Urfi Javed, who has spread her charm in Bigg Boss OTT, keeps becoming a topic of discussion for some reason or the other. A latest video of Urfi Javed has surfaced on Saturday. In this video, Urfi is seen wearing a dress made of toilet paper. Alam is that now Urfi Javed has also had to face trolling on social media.

    Urfi Javed wore a dress made of toilet paper

    On Saturday, March 25, social media sensation Urfi Javed shared a latest video on his official Instagram handle. In this video, you can see that Urfi Javed’s younger sister Asfi Javed is seen saying that mummy had asked for toilet paper only yesterday, now it is not visible, where have you gone. After that Asfi gets some relief and as the video progresses, Asfi’s elder sister Urfi Javed is seen wearing a dress made with the help of toilet paper.

    Urfi Javed is also spreading her killer style in this strange dress. In the caption of the video, Urfi has written that- ‘Made of toilet paper’. However, due to this video, now Urfi Javed has started getting upset on social media.


    Urfi Javed trolled on social media

    Like always, this time too Urfi Javed has to face the displeasure of the netizens because of his unusual dressing sense. Because of which Urfi is getting trolled badly. Commenting on this video of Urfi Javed, a user has written that- ‘Now stop it, the holy month of Ramadan is going on.’ Another user has written that- ‘At least in the month of Ramadan, leave nonsense work, have a little fear of death.’ At the same time, another has said that- ‘Ramadan is sister, don’t do this now.’