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    Umesh Kushwaha lashed out at BJP in Gopalganj: Said- BJP is very backward, anti-democracy, anti-constitution, we will form a BJP-free government.


    Sep 9, 2023

    JDU state president Umesh Kushwaha has reached the Karpoori discussion program in Gopalganj on Saturday. During this, he met with party workers at the Circuit House. Also held a press conference after holding a meeting. During this, while talking to journalists, he fiercely attacked the BJP government.


    As part of a pre-planned program, State President Umesh Kushwaha had reached Gopalganj to participate in the Karpuri discussion to be organized near Samhoor village of Uchkagaon block. He had a conversation before attending the event. He said that the Karpuri discussion started six months ago and this is the second phase, which will continue continuously.

    This program has been embraced by party workers in all the districts. Success is being achieved everywhere. The main culmination of the program will take place on 24 January 2024 on the occasion of Karpuri Jayanti. Nitish Kumar has done the work of giving shape to the thoughts and ideals of public leader Karpoori Thakur by introducing social and political unity through Karpoori Charcha. Work will be done to take it from village to village to every household.

    Umesh Kushwaha further said that BJP is anti-extreme backwardness. BJP is anti-democratic, anti-constitutional, anti-social. Today the democracy of the country is bleeding. The structure of the Constitution is being destroyed. Efforts are being made to change history. Through this, we worked to enhance the resolve that our leader has taken to create a BJP-free India.

    On a question regarding Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who was going to participate in the G-20 conference, he said that this is a tradition. It should not be taken as a political face or in any other form. It is a political tradition that the Chief Ministers of all the states of the country are called.

    Attacking the Prime Minister, he said that the condition of the country is not hidden from you. Everyone is aware of the situation in the country. Does BJP have any issue? She works to instigate people in the name of caste and money. We have resolved to form a BJP free government. Work is being done to take this resolution forward.


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