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    G20 Summit: Uproar Over The News Of An Explosive-Laden Auto Going Towards Pragati Maidan, Police Caught The Sccused. G20 Summit Delhi Police Got Hoax Threat Of Auto Full of Guns And Explosives Going Towards Pragati


    Sep 9, 2023
    Image Source: PTI
    Symbolic photo.

    The G20 summit is currently being organized in the country’s capital Delhi. All the big leaders of the world including US President Joe Biden are gathered in New Delhi to participate in this meeting. In such a situation, a person claimed on social media that an auto loaded with weapons and explosives was going towards Pragati Maidan. Let us tell you that Bharat Mandapam, the venue of G20, has been prepared on Pragati Maidan itself. After this claim, the police were shocked and had to take immediate action in the matter.

    What is the whole matter?

    Delhi Police has informed that on Friday, Kuldeep Shah posted a photo of an auto rickshaw on his social media handle and claimed that it was being taken towards Pragati Maidan with guns and bombs in it. Considering the sensitivity of the matter, the police immediately traced the auto and reached the auto owner’s house. However, the police did not find any suspicious object here and Kuldeep Shah’s claim was found to be false.

    False information due to personal rivalry
    When the police reached the auto owner’s house, they came to know that the auto was parked at the house. The auto driver works as a clothes supplier. Police said that Kuldeep had deliberately spread false news due to personal rivalry with the intention of implicating Auto Malik. Information about the parking dispute between the two has also come to the notice of the police.

    accused arrested.
    Delhi Police has said on its X (Twitter) handle that the police have taken action in the case of spreading false rumor of bomb. Police have informed that the youth who spread the rumor due to personal rivalry has been traced and he has been arrested.



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