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    Two youths arrested in Bhadohi: Illegal firearms recovered from both, police engaged in investigation


    Sep 23, 2022

    Bhadohi (Saint Ravidas Nagar)30 minutes ago

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    Police has arrested two youths in Bhadohi. Two pistols have been recovered from both the youths. By registering a case under the Arms Act, action is being taken by the police in the matter as per rules. An illegal firearm was recovered from both of them.

    The Suriyawa police station had received information from the informer that two youths living in the entire Khushal village were carrying illegal firearms. After which the police raided near Abhiya forest. From where both the youths named Chandrabhan Gautam and Umesh Gautam were arrested. After which the police have registered a case under the Arms Act.

    Police engaged in investigation on many points
    Police is now investigating after illegal firearms were recovered from the possession of both the youths. Why did they have this illegal firearm, what kind of crime were they trying to commit? Now the investigation is being done by the police on several points in the case.

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