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    Tipu film announced a day before Karnataka elections, claims to show cruel side of Mysore Sultan


    May 4, 2023

    Digital Desk, Mumbai. Days ahead of the Karnataka assembly elections, where Tipu Sultan is being named by his right-wing critics, the makers of the film Tipu have announced that their feature film will present a different side of the Mysore king.

    Tipu Sultan was recognized as the first freedom fighter, capable administrator and the person who introduced rocketry to India, but for the past few years, the BJP in Karnataka has made Tipu a political issue, which the film tried to highlight. Has gone. Rajat Sethi, BJP’s North-East strategist, advisor to the Chief Minister of Manipur and well-known author and TV commentator Rajat Sethi did the research for the film.

    The film’s director Pawan Sharma said, what we are taught about Tipu Sultan in school is complete misinformation. I was completely shaken and changed my mind after knowing his reality as a staunch king. Through my film I am daring to show a cruel reality that he was fabricated just to make us a warrior. He said: Tipu Sultan’s Islamic bigotry was much worse than that of his father, Hyder Ali Khan. He was the Hitler of that era.

    Sethi added: Though history has been unkind to many heroes. The atrocities on many other people have been ignored. Tipu is a historical figure whose eulogies are exaggerated, while his brutalities are neatly covered in our textbooks.

    Not only history, but also popular culture films, theatres, etc., have systematically ignored the realistic and balanced portrayal of Tipu. This film is a humble attempt to initiate a correction in his narrative.

    Producer Sandeep Singh, who has been behind films like PM Narendra Modi, Swatantra Veer Savarkar, Atal or Bal Shivaji, said: This is cinema I personally believe in. My films stand for truth. I was brainwashed to believe he was brave as shown in our history textbooks. But no one knows his malevolent side. I want to expose their hidden evil side for the coming generation. Backed by Eros International, Rashmi Sharma Films and Sandeep Singh, Tipu will release in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil Telugu and Malayalam.


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