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    SSS launches RACE campaign in Bicol


    Sep 24, 2022

    LIGAO CITY, Albay: In an effort to protect private employees from unscrupulous employers, the Social Security System (SSS) in Bicol has launched the Run After Contribution Evaders (RACE) campaign across the region for the second time.

    This is part of the continuing campaign of the SSS to go after employers who fail to remit the SSS contributions of their employees.

    The SSS enjoins employers to settle their legal obligations through the SSS Pandemic Relief and Restructuring Program-Enhanced Installment Payment Program (PRRP 3).

    Elenita Samblero, SSS vice president for the Luzon-Bicol Division, said the RACE program is timely for employers to pay their obligations, as the SSS central office is implementing its condonation program for employers.

    “Now is the opportunity for them (employers) to pay and remit their contributions to the employees, as we are relaxing the payment,” Samblero said.

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    On Thursday, the RACE team conducted a surprise visit to several business establishments, including hospitals, to issue a notice of non-remittance.

    She said that five employers failed to remit the SSS contributions of their employees with a total delinquency amounting to P1,173,202.43 while one employer failed to submit the payroll or employment records.

    “We recognize that the business sector is greatly affected by the pandemic and is still gradually recovering from its economic losses. Thus, we are advising all delinquent employers to coordinate with their respective account officers to avail of the PRRP 3,” Samblero said.

    Under the PRRP 3, employers may pay within nine to 60 months, depending on the total amount of their obligation under the following payment schemes. First, they may pay in full the principal obligation first and the corresponding penalties to be paid in installments; second, they may apply the monthly installments to the principal ahead of the payment for the penalties; or, third, pay in full the remaining delinquency at any time during the term of the installment payment agreement.

    Aside from PRRP 3, the SSS is also offering the contribution penalty condonation, delinquency management and restructuring program (CPCoDe MRP) for employers, which aims to help single proprietorship, corporations, partnerships, cooperatives and associations who have delinquencies in paying their employees’ contributions .

    “We are also encouraging the delinquent employers to apply for the CPCoDe MRP as another option to settle the unremitted contributions of their employees, less penalties, through a one-time payment or installment term. We want to help them since they are our primary partners in carrying out the Social Security law,” Samblero said.

    Samblero said that the local agency is running after the employers in Bicol with 75 employees or less while the big establishments or large accounts with more than 75 employees are handled by the SSS central office.

    Since the launch of the RACE program scheme, the SSS in Bicol has collected at least P2.7 million from 43 employers while P8.6 million is still collectible. Out of the 43 employers with notice of demand letters from SSS to remit their contribution, one employer is facing charges for failure to settle its obligation.

    For 2022, the SSS Bicol is targeting to collect P2.7 billion contribution from employers and employees.


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