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    Sometimes hair and sometimes glowing fair skin became the reason for rejection, Ada Sharma has high hopes from The Kerala Story


    May 6, 2023

    Digital Desk, Mumbai. The film ‘The Kerala Story’, directed by director Sudipto Sen, has faced a lot of controversies even before its release. Along with this, the censor board has also removed many dialogues from this film. However, moving ahead of all the controversies, the film has been released in theaters on 5th May and it is getting good response as well. Along with this, actress Ada Sharma, who is playing the lead role in the film, has set many expectations from this film, because Ada has been in Bollywood for 15 years but none of her films have proved to be a hit. The Kerala Story can prove to be a milestone for his career. Let us tell you that before making her debut in the cinema world, Ada had to face a lot of rejections.

    What was the reason for the rejection

    Adah Sharma’s initial time in the film world was full of difficulties. He gave many auditions but everywhere he got disappointment. He was rejected from most of the places by giving only three reasons.

    Curly hair became the reason

    Due to the curly hair that has earned actresses like Kangana Ranaut and Taapsee Pannu so much fame in the film world, Adah Sharma has had to face rejections many times due to the same curly hair.

    Fair skin became the reason

    After curly hair, her face became the second reason for Ada’s rejection. Adah Sharma gave many auditions in which due to her glowing fair skin, many casting directors rejected her saying she was ‘too young’.

    Accent became the reason

    After being rejected so many times, he worked more on his looks but still he had to face rejection due to his Hindi accent. Due to her parents being South Indian, Ada’s Hindi accent was also not right, so many times she could not get the role just because of the accent.

    Left studies for acting

    Born in Mumbai, Ada Sharma’s father SL Sharma was from Tamil Nadu and was a Captain in the Indian Merchant Navy, while Ada’s mother Sheela Sharma was from Kerala. Adah had decided only after her 10th standard that she wanted to become an actress but her parents insisted that she should complete her studies first. After 12th, Ada stepped into the acting world. Adah may not have studied further but she graduated from Natraj Gopi Krishna Kathak Dance Academy in Mumbai and went to the US to learn ballet, salsa and jazz for four months.

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