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Small town singer inspired me to play my character in Mirzapur: Rasika Dugal


May 22, 2023
Small town singer inspired me to play my character in Mirzapur: Rasika Dugal


digital desk,Mumbai Actress Rasika Dugal, known for Humorously Yours, Delhi Crime and Mirzapur, talks about the inspiration behind her role of Bina Tripathi in the crime-drama show Mirzapur.In the show, the actress plays a sensuous woman who manages to ooze charm and sensuality despite her simple clothes.Reflecting on the preparation process, Rasika said: Initially, I was nervous. I was not sure whether I would be able to pull off the role. I thought maybe the role was more suited for someone more sensual or stereotypically sexy.

He further added: Before starting work on Mirzapur the memory of a young girl I met at a party became my inspiration. She was from a small town, wearing a simple jeans and a T-shirt. She was a singer. She looked like a shy young girl but the moment she started singing, she transformed into a sensuous, stunning lady who grabbed everyone’s attention. That image stayed in my mind and became my inspiration. Rasika recently wrapped up shooting for the third season of Mirzapur, which is slated to release this year. He has explored diverse genres and portrayed various roles in his upcoming projects Adhoora: Supernatural Thriller, Spike: Sports Drama, Lord Curzon Ki Haveli: Black Comedy Thriller, Fairy Folk: Improv Comedy and Little Thomas: Dramedy.


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