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Secret wife or girlfriend, who is this mystery girl with Rahul Gandhi…? Congress leader trolled, viral picture


Jun 16, 2023


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is currently on US tour. Meanwhile, a picture of Rahul Gandhi is going viral on social media. In this picture, Rahul Gandhi is seen with a woman. For which Rahul Gandhi is now being trolled.

There is a picture of Rahul Gandhi with a woman on Twitter on Thursday (June 15). In these pictures, Rahul Gandhi is seen sitting with a woman in a hotel or restaurant-like place.

Rahul Gandhi had dinner with a mysterious girl

People on Twitter are calling this woman by the name of ‘Mystery Girl’. Rahul Gandhi has been criticized ever since this picture surfaced. Many people on Twitter have asked Rahul Gandhi who is this mystery girl…?

At the same time, many people have claimed on Twitter that this picture is not from America but from UK. Many social media users have questioned that how did Rahul Gandhi reach Britain when he was in America.

Twitter user Shailesh Tewarie shared a photo of the woman with Rahul Gandhi and wrote, “Rahul Gandhi is empowering his girl (friend). Well, who bears the expenses of his lavish foreign tours?”

Another Twitter user Rosy (@rose_k01) wrote, “Who is the mysterious girl Rahul Gandhi took to dinner in UK?? It seems they have a shop of love everywhere.

A Twitter user Amitabh Chaudhary (@MithilaWaala) wrote, “Allegedly Rahul Gandhi was seen having dinner with a mystery girl and then accompanied her to the hotel. Who is this secret girl, wife, girlfriend or honey trap??? Congress was saying that Rahul Gandhi is in America, so what is he doing in Britain.

Another Twitter user BALA (@erbmjha) said, “By dating a foreign girl, Rahul Gandhi has supported ‘Beti Bachao’. He has saved the life of at least one Indian girl.

Twitter user Mr Sinha (@MrSinha_) wrote, “So allegedly Rahul Gandhi had dinner with a mystery girl, took her to hotel…. Who is this secret wife or girlfriend? Wasn’t he in America? When did he reach Britain.

However, at present no comment has come from the Congress leaders on this picture.

Note-newshuntexpress does not verify this photo. This news has been written on the basis of viral claims of Twitter.)


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