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    Research student dies during yoga in BHU: I was doing warm-up when I got dizzy; was completely fit by 7 in the morning


    Sep 27, 2022

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    Anubha Upadhyay, a research student of Ayurveda at Banaras Hindu University, died. By 7 o’clock in the morning it was perfect. According to the information, he died while doing yoga. After the death, there is a stir in the entire BHU campus.

    Anubha was registered in BHU as a student of Dr. Sangeeta Gehlot, the body’s department of the faculty. She lived in Working Women’s Hostel. She has also done Diploma from Psychology Department of BHU. After the death of Anubha, the professors and students of BHU Psychology are very apprehensive.

    Ayurveda OPD at BHU.

    Ayurveda OPD at BHU.

    dizziness during warm-up
    There was a lot of discussion between the professor and the students. At first people said that the girl had died under mysterious circumstances. After this it was said that there was dizziness during the warm-up before yoga in the morning. Then she fainted. He was brought to the hospital in the same condition, where doctors declared him brought dead.

    Anubha had a rare disease
    Vaidya Sushil Dubey of the Department of Action-Body said that till seven o’clock in the morning, he was completely fit. He told that he already had some disease. A rare type of vasculitis was the disease (Takayasu arteritis). There was a problem of swelling in his blood vessels. During yoga at seven o’clock, bleeding started from her nostrils and she fainted. When he was taken to the hospital, the doctors declared him brought dead. Anubha’s body has been kept in the mortuary of BHU Hospital itself. His parents have been informed. It is being told that Anubha has obtained BA and MA degree from Gorakhpur University.

    Action-Body Department located at BHU.

    Action-Body Department located at BHU.

    Sudden excessive exercise is fatal

    After the death of Anubha, the former Head of Neurology of IMS-BHU, Prof. Rameshwar Chaurasia told that the method of exercise should be regular. It should be increased gradually. Exercise according to the stamana of the people. Lung is infected in post covid conditions. Do not give too much load on the body in one go by going to the gym. Increase your stamina by exercising gradually.

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