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    Rare 100% organic Talh honey launched to honor Saudi National Day


    Sep 27, 2022

    JEDDAH — Sunbulah Group, one of the largest food manufacturing companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, announced the launch of a new honey product under its popular Alshifa brand: Alshifa Saudi Talh honey. The new, rare and unique Saudi-made honey is launched to honor the Saudi National Day.

    Talh honey is 100% natural, made in the Al Baha province, located in the southwestern part of the Hejazi region, near the Red Sea. The Al Baha province, with its mountains, hills, plains, valleys and desert stretches, has long been known as having a unique, temperate climate, most favorable to beekeeping and to the production of high-quality, natural honey.

    Alshifa brand has partnered with the Al Baha Beekeepers Association to offer consumers, a new Saudi honey made using organic methods of beekeeping. The partnership supports the local economy, raises awareness about the highest quality honey in KSA to ensure they are kept alive for future generations, and contributes to the sustainability of the local beekeeping industry.

    Samer Kurdi, chairman of the Sunbulah Group, said: “Specialty honey lovers have known about the uniqueness of premium Talh honey for centuries but until now, unless one lived in Al Baha province, it was very difficult to get high-quality, natural Talh honey. Alshifa Saudi Talh is available throughout the Kingdom to consumers who will undoubtedly enjoy its rich taste and medicinal benefits, being key supporters of local beekeepers.”

    Kurdi went on to add that the health benefits of honey have been known since ancient times and have been well documented by modern medicine. Such proven health benefits include, among others, being a good source of antioxidants, having antibacterial and antifungal properties, healing wounds, being rich in phytonutrients, and helping digestive issues.

    For his part, Dr. Ahmad Al Khazem Al Ghamdi, chairman of the Beekeepers Cooperative Association – Al Baha, said: “The new Talh honey that was produced for this occasion, which is dear to all our hearts, is the result, and a key indicator, of the effective cooperation between the private sector and Saudi beekeepers. BCA is proud to be part of this success, which reflects our aspirations and the aspirations of the Sunbulah Group, to rely more on local production in the future.”

    The new Alshifa Saudi Talh honey is certified by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, a guarantee of a safe and trusted product, and is also a certified Saudi-Made product, under the Made in Saudi program launched last year under the patronage of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. — SG

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