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    Rape accused in Jamui sentenced to 20 years: ADJ I gave the verdict, the matter is dated July 3, 2019


    Jan 12, 2023

    JamuiOne hour ago

    Rape accused sentenced to 20 years

    In Jamui, the court of Additional District and Sessions Judge First Anant Singh convicted the accused in the POCSO Act case and sentenced him to 20 years. Along with this, a financial penalty of 25 thousand was also imposed.

    The matter is of 3 July 2019

    Let us tell you that on July 3, 2019, at around 8 pm, an 11-year-old girl was going to her aunt’s house in a village under Charka Patthar police station area. Then 22-year-old Ghanshyam Bhulla, a resident of Budhwatand village, seduced her and took her to the adjacent field and carried out the incident of rape. In the same case, a case of rape was registered by the girl’s mother in Charkapathar police station, under which, after passing seven witnesses in the court, convicting Ghanshyam Bhulla, under the POCSO Act, the court of Additional District and Sessions Judge First Anant Singh sentenced 20 He has been sentenced to one year imprisonment and a fine of Rs 20,000.

    The victim’s family expressed happiness

    And in this case, the public prosecutor was Manoj Kumar Sharma and the defense was Ashok Kumar Kesari. However, a day before this, the court of Additional District and Sessions Judge IV Dhirendra Bahadur Singh had sentenced three people to life imprisonment for the brutal murder of three people over a land dispute. On the other hand, the victim’s family expressed happiness over the decision of the court and said that today they have got justice. Also said that the entire court had full faith that the accused would get the harshest punishment. At the same time, he demanded that there is a need to amend the law regarding rape. If the allegations are found to be true, a provision should be made to punish the accused within one month. So that there is fear among those who carry out such incidents.


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