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    Loot of 50 thousand rupees from CSP in Motihari: Criminal arrived posing as a customer, fired pistol at the operator and extracted cash


    Jan 12, 2023

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    • 50 Thousand Rupees Looted From CSP In Motihari, Criminal Arrived Posing As A Customer, Fired At The Operator With A Pistol

    Motihari27 minutes ago

    In Motihari, bike-borne criminals entered the CSP of SBI and carried out the robbery incident. After the incident, the criminal escaped comfortably. After getting the information of the incident, the Dhaka police reached the spot and started taking further action.

    What is the whole matter of loot

    It is being told that SBI’s CSP in Raksa Rahimpur of Dhaka police station area was being operated by Pooja Kumari. Meanwhile, operations were going on on Thursday like other days. In the meantime, a criminal Savar Savar comes posing as a customer and as soon as he enters the CSP, he takes out his weapon and starts scaring everyone. During this, he ran away with 50 thousand rupees kept around his neck. When other people present there tried to protest, the criminals started threatening to shoot. Then the people present there became calm.

    What does the CSP operator say

    CSP Director Pooja Kumari told that like other days she was on her CSP. Meanwhile, Savar, four people came on two bikes posing as customers, then took out weapons and ran away with Rs 50,000 kept around his neck.

    what does the police chief say

    Dhaka police station chief said that after getting the information about the incident, they reached the spot and started the investigation.


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