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    Priyanka Gandhi raised questions about Ankita Bhandari’s post-mortem report, said this. Priyanka Gandhi On Ankita Murder Priyanka Gandhi raised questions about post-mortem report said this


    Sep 25, 2022
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    Priyanka Gandhi


    • Priyanka tweeted about Ankita Bhandari’s post-mortem report
    • Priyanka said- Just imagine what would be going on Ankita’s parents?
    • Said- The question of the family is that why the evidence of the incident is being erased?

    Priyanka Gandhi On Ankita Murder: There is an atmosphere of anger in the whole country regarding the Ankita Bhandari murder case of Uttarakhand. People in Uttarakhand are protesting on the streets regarding this matter and the market in Srinagar is also closed. Meanwhile, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has tweeted on this matter. Priyanka said, ‘Heartbreaking incident happened with Ankita of Uttarakhand. But even after such a big incident, the administration is limited to only showy action. Just imagine what must be going on for Ankita’s parents? The family members have a question that why is the evidence of the incident being destroyed?’

    Priyanka said, ‘Why is the complete post-mortem report not being given to her? The demand for justice says that the government should act with seriousness and sensitivity. Parents should be listened to. Strict action should also be taken against those who are negligent and the culprits should be punished by prosecuting them in fast track court.

    what is the whole matter

    The Ankita Bhandari murder case of Uttarakhand remains a topic of discussion all over the country. Ankita’s relatives have claimed that Ankita could not even get her first salary and was murdered before that. Let us inform that the body of Ankita Bhandari was recovered 7 days later from Rishikesh on Saturday. SDRF had recovered the body from the Chilla canal and Ankita’s father had identified her body. Pulkit Arya, the main accused in this case, has been arrested and Pulkit’s father Vinod Arya and brother Dr Ankit Arya have been expelled from the BJP party.

    Ankita wanted to go to college

    According to media reports, 19-year-old Ankita had completed her 12th and wanted to go to college. But after losing her father’s job, Ankita decided at the end of last month that she would work as a receptionist in a resort. The owner of this resort is Pulkit Arya, who has been arrested. Pulkit is the son of former Minister of State Vinod Arya. Considering the financial condition of her house, Ankita had decided that she would do the job.

    Decision of job was taken due to poor financial condition of the house

    Ankita’s relatives say that she had joined the resort on August 28. Considering the financial condition of the family, he had decided to leave studies and take up a job. On August 28, a resort car came to pick him up. She had got a room in the resort where she could stay. He was offered a salary of Rs 10,000 per month as a receptionist. But he was murdered before getting his first salary.

    DGP revealed – Ankita was under pressure to have a physical relationship

    DGP Ashok Kumar made many shocking revelations in the Ankita Bhandari murder case. According to DGP Ashok Kumar, BJP leader’s son and resort owner Pulkit Arya had pressurized Ankita Bhandari to give special service to her brother Ankit Arya. DGP Ashok Kumar had said that the police have got some important evidence from the screenshot found from Ankita Bhandari’s mobile. Based on this, it can be said that Ankita was being pressured to have a physical relationship. There must have been a quarrel among themselves over the pressure of this wrongdoing and after that this heinous crime was carried out.






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