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Allways With You

Posing as a boy, she used to romance girls, when the secret was revealed, even the judges were stunned.


Jun 18, 2023


Nowadays on social media, there is often friendship between a boy and a girl and the matter reaches to romance. Sometimes there is fraud in this too. In some cases, cases of blackmailing also come to the fore. Sometimes the boy tries to trap the girl by making a fake ID and putting the photo of the other. But this time a unique case has come to the fore. This time a girl did a shocking thing. Actually, the girl used to talk to the girl on Facebook using the boy’s ID.


What is the matter?
The case pertains to Britain where a 21-year-old girl named Georgia Bilham used to present herself as a man on social media. While chatting on Snap Chat, he also made a 19-year-old girl his girlfriend. Caught him in a web of lies. After this he trapped some more girls in his trap. She used to talk obscenely daily on chat. No one was suspicious. Wearing a hood on her head, she used to cross every limit with the girls in front on the video call.



such an open secret
According to the woman’s mother, her daughter seemed very happy after becoming George. She used to chat with girls everyday. Always used to wear a hood on the head on the bed so that no one could catch her during video chatting. But on May 11, 2021, Georgia was going in a car with her mother, when the accident happened. When the police asked for his license, he showed his real name. From here his identity was revealed. Then he was arrested.


sought fault in front of the judge
Even in the court, he accepted his mistake. But said – I thought my friend believed that I am a woman. But there was a misunderstanding. I was proved wrong. I apologize for this.


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