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    Police raid in red light area in Purnia: businessmen Akbar and Rinki ran away dodging police, three women arrested


    Mar 26, 2023

    Police raid in red light area

    On Sunday evening, the police suddenly raided the red light area located in Katihar Mode of Purnia. There was a stir at the red light reaching the police. The police took three women involved in prostitution into custody and took them to the police station. Police is questioning all three women. At the same time, many businessmen fled from there on seeing the police.


    Raid on the complaint of child line

    It is said that Childlai received a complaint that a minor girl was being forced into prostitution by keeping her in the red light area. Childlai complained about this to SP Amir Javed. The SP raided by forming a team under the leadership of Sadar SDPO Surendra Kumar Saroj. But the businessmen had already received the information about the arrival of the police. The police searched the entire red light. But the minor girl was not found anywhere. The police is interrogating the three women regarding the minor girl.

    Red light operator Akbar Khalifa also absconding

    Police had received information that the minor girl was kept at the house of Red Light gangsters Akbar Khalifa and Rinki Khatun. When the police arrived, they found that the main gate of Akbar Khalifa and Rinki Khatun’s house was locked. When the police went inside by breaking the lock of the gate, all the rooms were open. There was no one inside the room. All the fruits and eatables were decorated on the verandah for Iftari. From which it is known that those people were just sitting to break their fast when the police raided them and without breaking their fast they ran away by scaling the wall.

    Many cases are registered against Akbar and Rinki

    It is being told that Akbar Khalifa, Rinki Khatun have already gone to jail in the case of prostitution, forced prostitution of minors and human trafficking. Several cases related to prostitution are registered against them. – It is said that SDPO’s Head SDPO Surendra Kumar Saroj said that information was received about a minor girl being forced into prostitution. When the police raided, the minor girl was not found. The search for the minor girl is on. From the spot, three women involved in prostitution are being interrogated by taking them into custody.


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