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    PHOTOS: Fans from India and abroad came to watch the India vs England match, the enthusiasm increased the excitement of the game


    Jan 16, 2023
    Hockey World Cup 2023

    Fans from across the country and abroad had arrived to watch the India vs England match at the Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium on Sunday. Where Indian spectators reached the stadium with the tricolor.

    Hockey World Cup 2023

    Hockey spectators from other countries also reached the stadium carrying the national flag of their country. During this, huge enthusiasm was seen in the foreign audience.

    Hockey World Cup 2023

    During this, visitors from the country and abroad visited the beautiful decoration of electricity outside the stadium as well as the Oliland built in the stadium. At the same time, taking selfies with Oli, the mascot of the Hockey World Cup in Oliland in the audience, also took a lot of photographs.

    Hockey World Cup 2023

    Along with this, after dusk, the outer part of the stadium was also lit up with lights. Due to which he was seen having a lot of fun even outside the stadium.

    Hockey World Cup 2023

    Due to Sunday being a holiday, a huge crowd of visitors had gathered here. During this, spectators outside the stadium including Oliland were also seen making stickers of the tricolor on their cheeks.

    Hockey World Cup 2023

    Overall, from watching the match on the faces of the people who came to watch the match in the stadium, the happiness of visiting Oliland with the family was made just by seeing it.


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