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    Passengers are required to disclose if they are carrying SR60,000


    Sep 24, 2022

    Saudi Gazette report

    RIYADH — The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) stressed the importance of passengers to disclose if they are carrying in their luggage sums or items amounting to SR60,000 or more.

    ZATCA said that the disclosure is necessary, whether travelers are coming to Saudi Arabia, or those who are departing from it.

    Travelers must disclose the items and fill out the declaration form and submit it electronically via the application or through ZATCA’ website.

    The items that must be disclosed are everything worth SR60,000 or more, or the equivalent in money, jewelry or precious metals or equivalent in foreign currencies.

    ZATCA said that the declaration is a mandatory requirement to protect the traveler from being charged with the crime of money laundering, smuggling, or evading the payment of legal fees and taxes.

    For more information, check the following link: https://www.customs.gov.sa/en/declare#

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