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    One plate with another free! In the greed of saving money, the woman did this work, a huge amount flew out of her account


    May 28, 2023

    A Delhi woman, trying to save some money, lost a hefty amount when she was offered a free thali. The lady thought it was a great offer. But she became a victim of fraud.


    Cyber ​​fraud:

    Often people fight with the shopkeeper many times to save some money. Many times, after coming home, we start thinking whether we have bought something too expensive. In such a situation, if a deal is available for free, then how can anyone leave it?


    Greed of free

    The case is of Southwest Delhi, where the woman downloaded an app after being lured by the free offer of one plate along with another. Now downloading this app became so expensive for the woman that she became a victim of cyber fraud.


    Money stolen from woman’s account

    Yes! Rs 90,000 went missing from the woman’s account as soon as she downloaded the app. A woman named Savita Sharma has now lodged an FIR in the cyber police station. Let us tell that the woman works as a senior executive in a bank. He told the police that a relative had told him about the offer on Facebook.


    Fraud done in the name of ‘Sagar Ratna’

    On 27th November 2022 he visited the site and called a number to know about this offer. The woman said in the complaint lodged on May 2 that she did not get any response. But the callback came. The caller then informed him about an offer from Sagar Ratna (a famous restaurant chain).


     Download the app

    The caller shared a link and asked me to download the app to avail the offer. After this, he also sent the user ID and password to access the app. They told me that if I want to take this offer, I have to register on the app first.


    ‘I entered ID and password’

    The woman further said that I clipped the link and the app got downloaded. After that I entered the user id and password. As soon as I did this, I lost control of my phone. My phone got hacked. I got a message that Rs 40,000 has been debited from my account. After this I got another message, after which Rs 50,000 was withdrawn from my account.


    What did the police say?

    The police is now investigating this entire matter. In this way, cases of cyber fraud have come to the fore from other cities as well, where people lost thousands of rupees. WhatsApp fraud has also remained in tremendous discussion since the past. Cyber ​​criminals are adopting new ways to cheat people.

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