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    Netizens Exposed Alleged Leni Robredo’s Harvard Connection with Loida Lewis


    Sep 6, 2022

    Netizens took to social media as they exposed the alleged Harvard University connection of former Vice President Leni Robredo with the top honchos of Harvard University as the main reasons why she was invited to Harvard.

    In a social media post presented by veteran radio host and prominent blogger Mark Lopez he started the expose with a series of social media posts and netizens also joined the conversations as they shared their sentiments and observations on that post.

    Mark Lopez first stated that “No amount of deodorizing can ever mask the stupidity and weak leadership skills of Madumb. Even if you make that dean, you are depriving students of real education if that idiot is the only one teaching.” Mark Lopez posted last September 4, 2022.

    Netizens agreed with Lopez as they also cited that these days titles such as the Nobel Prize do not matter much since the majority know that it’s being used for propaganda fronts.

    Mark Lopez made a follow up post regarding her expose on former Vice President Leni Robredo who is well connected with American billionaire Loida Nicolas-Lewis.

    Lopez posted “You know why Loida is moving heaven and earth to enlist Madumb at Harvard? It’s because it’s stupid and a PR stunt like that is needed to neutralize the stupidity. It’s hard to lift, isn’t it?”

    Based on the information provided on social media and various online information, Loida Lewis is the main benefactor of Leni Robredo, the current chairman of Angat Buhay foundation.

    The Reginald F. Lewis (RFL) International Law Center is home to the International Legal Studies Library and contains one third of the Law Library’s international law collection.

    It also houses the Graduate Program where approximately 150 lawyers and scholars from around the world come to pursue LL.M or SJD degrees, or to conduct research and writing.

    The Reginals F. Lewis International Law Center is the first major facility at Harvard named in honor of an African-American Reginald F. Lewis, the late husband of Loida Nicolas Lewis, a native of Sorsogon, who is also known as one of the most popular supporter of former Vice President Leni Robredo on her political career.

    Netizens also joined the conversation as they shared their sentiments on the latest expose presented by Mark Lopez.

    Here’s Some of the Comments Posted on FB:

    Earl Nipales: Because of what they are doing, Harvard’s standard is going down!

    Ehri Gong: That’s the kind of brain they want to sit on and turn into a puppet that can easily be tamed and obey what they want. Just try not to follow. It would be good if he was given an honoris causa that is freely given by friends and invited abroad to their gatherings.

    Neil Mercado: The same effort they gave to Jover to make that ugly fake news purveyor relevant. Then they dumped her when she’s no longer useful.

    Lisa Baid: Well, the majority knows that Leni’s competence alone will never bring her to Harvard.

    Veronica Tingzon: I wonder if there is no one else in the opposition and they are really only forcing Madumb? or they just want that kind of thing so they can easily be held by the neck!

    Anna Sison: That movie billionaire really wants to raise c madumb to be their president so that they can turn the filipinos into puppies and play with the pinoys to make the Philippines their slaves



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