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    Natasa Stankovic Latest Instagram Story Hints Slammed Trollers Amid Divorce Rumours With Hardik Pandya | Natasha, Who Is Being Trolled On The Rumours Of Divorce With Hardik Pandya, Gave A Befitting Reply, Said


    Jul 10, 2024

    Natasa Stankovic latest Instagram Story: Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya is in the news not only for his professional life but also for his personal life. There were rumours that Hardik might divorce his wife Natasha Stankovic. Both Hardik and Natasha are silent on this, but Natasha keeps saying something or the other through her Instagram posts. This time she has told about her sudden thought on Instagram story.

    Natasha Stankovic stays away from the limelight but is quite active on Instagram. Natasha has shared a sudden thought on her latest Instagram story and has scolded those who always pass judgment on others.

    Natasha Stankovic’s latest Instagram story
    Natasha Stankovic is very active on Instagram. Although Natasha likes to stay away from the limelight, she often shares her heart on social media. In Natasha’s latest Instagram story, you can see that she has taken a dig at those who pass judgment. This idea suddenly came to her while drinking coffee and she shared it on her Instagram story.

    In the video that Natasha has shared on her Instagram story, she is talking while drinking coffee. Natasha said, ‘I was sitting and drinking my coffee when a random thought came to me about how people suddenly become judgmental about others, while they are acting in their character which is going on around them.’

    Post for judgemental people
    Natasha further said, ‘If we see someone who is not behaving like himself, we neither stop nor think, we just make a quick decision about them. We do not see what they are going through, what is happening to that person at this moment, what is going on inside him. So I want to say let us be a little less judgmental, have patience and show some sympathy for them.’

    How is Natasha’s relationship with Hardik?
    After winning the T20 World Cup, Hardik Pandya was in the news, people were talking about him everywhere but his wife Natasha did not congratulate him. Natasha was trolled for this, although there are also many rumors that her relationship with Hardik is not good. At present, neither Natasha nor Hardik has said anything about this.

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