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    Mother’s Day Special: Bollywood’s great films made on mother, actresses gave all their lives


    May 14, 2023
    Mother’s Day Special: Bollywood’s great films made on mother, actresses gave all their lives

    Bollywood films on Mother: There are some Bollywood films made on Mother, in which the actress played a brilliant role. Let’s talk about those films and characters.

    Mother’s Day: You must have often seen actresses playing the role of mother in the best way on the big screen. Sometimes the characters are played in such a way that it becomes difficult to differentiate between reel and real.

    Talking about Bollywood, many times the role of mother has been played by actresses in such a way that they became immortal forever. Let’s talk about some such roles, which once appeared on the screen, got covered forever.

    Who will not remember the 1995 film Karan-Arjun. This film of Bollywood’s two kings Salman and Shah Rukh Khan started creating mutiny as soon as it was released. Apart from the actors in this film, the character that was in discussion was that of the mother. Yes! The unwavering faith of the mother shown in the film is heartwarming.

    The role played by actress Nargis in Mother India cannot be praised enough. What a mother does not do to feed her children has been shown in this film. Nargis played the role of Radha in the film.

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    Reema Lagoo played the role of Mamta in Hum Saath Saath Hain. The theme line of the film is based on Sanskar and the way a mother holds the whole family together. He is very wonderful. In this, a mother teaches a lot of values ​​to her children.

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    The life that Nirupa Roy put into the character of a mother in the film Deewaar would probably be less appreciated. In this, she played the role of Amitabh and Shashi Kapoor’s mother. The film clearly shows how a mother brings her son on the right path.

    The acting of Sridevi, who played the role of Devki Sabharwal in the film Mom, cannot be said that this is a film. It is shown in the film how a mother crosses all limits to get justice for her rape victim. The character of the actress in the film became an example for the people.


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