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    Mohammed Shami | Big blow to Indian bowler Mohammed Shami, wife Hasin Jahan will have to pay this much alimony every month


    Jan 24, 2023

    New Delhi: The difficulties of Indian team’s fast bowler Mohammed Shami have increased. Mohammed Shami is often in discussion about his personal life. Now once again he has come in the limelight for his personal life. The Kolkata court ordered Mohammed Shami to pay a monthly maintenance of Rs 50,000 to his estranged wife Hasin Jahan. This decision has been given by Alipore Court Judge Anindita Ganguly. However, Hasin Jahan is not happy with the court’s decision.

    In fact, Hasin Jahan, wife of Mohammed Shami, had demanded a monthly alimony of Rs 10 lakh. Haseen Jahan had filed a legal petition in the year 2018 demanding a monthly allowance of Rs 10 lakh. In the petition, Hasin Jahan had said that she wanted alimony of Rs 7 lakh for her own expenses and Rs 3 lakh per month for the upkeep of her daughter. However, Hasin Jahan can appeal against the Kolkata court’s decision in the High Court.

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    In the year 2018, Mohammed Shami was in a lot of discussion about his personal life. Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan had made serious allegations like domestic violence, match-fixing, dowry harassment against him. After this, Shami had given clarification on the allegations of his wife. Later Shami and Hasin Jahan separated.

    Shami (Mohammed Shami) had clarified the allegations leveled against him and said, ‘Haseen and his family members are saying that they will sit and talk on all issues. But I don’t know who is instigating them. All that is going on about our personal life is completely false. There is some big conspiracy against me. This is an attempt to defame me or end my career.

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