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    MoH transfers Saudi child from Kuwait to Kingdom after suffering heart attack


    Sep 25, 2022

    RIYADH — The Ministry of Health transferred a Saudi child to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after he suffered a heart attack in Kuwait.

    The ministry said that its medical cases center transferred the patient in cooperation with the Saudi Embassy in Kuwait and other stakeholders.

    A medical team specialized in emergency intervention with the use of ECMO was dispatched, before the child was transferred on board a medical evacuation plane affiliated with the health services at the Ministry of Defense to receive treatment at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre in Riyadh.

    The ministry sad that the medical cases center received a letter from the Saudi Embassy in Kuwait including a request from a citizen to treat his child at Saudi hospitals.

    In response, necessary procedures were taken in conjunction with the “saving the life” line that ensured coordination between specialized doctors in ECMO in Saudi Arabia and doctors in Kuwait through the telemedicine platform.

    This coordination enabled specialists to follow up on the case and get acquainted with the health condition of the case.

    The “saving the life” line during the first half of 2022 has offered several services and medical consultations related to ECMO for more than 100 patients.

    The ECMO is supervised by a medical team specialized in emergency interventions, where the technology is used in breath failure, and acute heart failure. — SPA

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