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Michael Clarke Video | Former Australia captain was beaten up in the middle of the road, girlfriend slapped him fiercely, watch video


Jan 19, 2023

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New Delhi: Former Australian cricketer Michael Clarke is being discussed a lot. He won the World Cup to Australia. But, now he is embarrassed because of his girlfriend. Recently a video of Michael Clarke is going viral on social media. In this video, his girlfriend is slapping him hard. In the viral video, Clark can be seen getting slapped and punched by his girlfriend Jade Yarbrough.

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In a video going viral on social media, Michael Clarke and his girlfriend are seen fighting in the middle of the road. Clarke’s girlfriend has accused him of cheating on her. After this there was a fight between the two on the road. After this girlfriend Jade Yarbrough slapped and punched Clarke.

In this video, Clarke also punched the husband of his girlfriend’s sister. Clarke’s girlfriend Jade Yarbrough’s sister is a famous Australian TV host. At the same time, in this video, Clarke is heard giving his clarification. He is denying the allegations leveled against him.

According to media reports, the former Australian captain was holidaying in Queensland. During this, apart from his girlfriends, he was also accompanied by his sister Jasmine and her husband. During this a fight starts between the player and his girlfriend.

Michael Clarke has apologized for the altercation with his girlfriend. He said in a conversation with ‘The Daily Telegraph’, ‘I am completely disappointed. Because of me, those people have been hurt somewhere, whom I hold in the highest regard. My actions during this controversy were shameful.

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