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    Man tries to offer namaz in flight tries to break widow when stopped by crew members


    Sep 19, 2022

    Man tries to offer namaz in flight gets violent when stopped- India TV Hindi News
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    Man tries to offer namaz in flight gets violent when stopped

    Namaz in Flight: A surprising case has come to light from Pakistan. A video of a passenger creating a ruckus on the Peshawar-Dubai flight of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is going viral. In this video a passenger starts offering Namaz in flight. He also lies down on the floor while offering Namaz. Not only this, when this passenger was stopped from doing so, he also tried to break the window of the flight, after which he was tied with the seat belt.

    stripped off clothes, kicked, tried to break the window

    According to media reports, after the take-off of Pakistan International Airlines flight PK-283, a passenger suddenly sat down on the floor of the aircraft and started offering prayers with a cloth on his head. But, when he was stopped from doing so, he got angry and after that he lay down with his head on the floor. The man was so furious that after this he started kicking and punching the seats of the plane. The extent was reached when the man took off his clothes and then tried to break the glass in the window of the plane. However, he failed to break the window.

    Airlines blacklisted the person
    This incident happened on 14 September in a flight going from Peshawar, Pakistan to Dubai. Its video is now going viral on social media. After this incident, Pakistan International Airlines has blacklisted this person. As soon as the plane takes off, the person starts doing strange things. First, he put his belt, purse and other luggage on his seat. Then he lay down on the floor of the plane. When fellow passengers objected to his behaviour, he started punching the seat and shouting.

    The crew tied the seat to save the plane from damage
    The passenger turned violent when Pakistan’s PK-283 flight was in the air. After this, when the crew members tried to convince him, he pounced on them. After this, the troubled crew members tied the passenger to his own seat, as per aviation law, to control the situation. After this, after landing at Dubai airport, the security took the man into custody.

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