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    Learn interesting stories of actress Anjana Singh, known as Hot Cake, how she used to practice in front of the mirror to become an actress.


    May 7, 2023

    Digital Desk, Patna.Bhojpuri cinema actress Anjana Singh is known as Hot Cake. He has made a big name in Bhojpuri cinema on the basis of his acting. It is said about the actress that if any kind of strong acting has to be done in the film, then no one other than Anjana Singh can do it because she fits in everything from emotional to hard roles.

    Actually, Anjana is known for being very bold and for putting her point very prominently. Let us tell you that till now Anjana has proved her acting skills in dozens of films. Today his fans are in lakhs and crores. Anjana’s fans would hardly know that Anjana was a production manager before becoming an actress. While working in production, Anjana expressed her desire to work in films and on the basis of her dedication and hard work, today she is counted among the top actresses of Bhojpuri.

    Ajna is settled

    Let us tell you that, it is said about Anjana Singh that whatever role she has played till now, she has lived it very beautifully. The directors of Bhojpuri cinema who have worked with Anjana till now say that she is a settled actress. Along with this, she is very sweet and a good person. Because of which she has maintained her dominance in this industry till now.

    Entry in Bhojpuri cinema was done in 35 thousand

    On the other hand, Anjana had joined Bhojpuri as a production manager for just Rs 35,000. According to media reports, when Ajna started working as a production manager, she also felt that maybe I too should try once in films. After which she slowly started turning towards acting.

    used to practice in front of the mirror

    It is said about Anjana that when she returned home from her work, she tried to act in front of the mirror, so that she could prove herself in acting. One day time changed and she suddenly got an offer to do a film and she immediately said yes and today she has become a well-known actress of Bhojpuri industry.

    list of hit movies

    The list of Anjana Singh’s superhit films is very long. The popular films of the actress include many hits like Silsila, Ardhangini, Love Aur Rajneeti, Lahu Pukarela and Jigar which created a huge box office.

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