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    Karan Johar Gets Trolled For Asking Kriti Sanon If She Is Jealous Of Country Best Actress Alia Bhatt


    Aug 25, 2023

    Karan Johar Gets Trolled For Asking Kriti Sanon If She Is Jealous Of Country Best Actress Alia Bhatt

    Karan Johar Trolled In Viral Video: On Thursday, the name of the National Award winners was unveiled. In which Alia Bhatt has been awarded the Best Actress Award for Gangubai Kathiawadi and Kriti Sanon for Mimi. Soon after the announcement of this award, a clip of Kriti Sanon, who reached Koffee with Karan, is now becoming very viral on social media. In which Karan asks Kriti something that internet users get angry. In fact, in this video clip, Karan asked Alia, calling Alia the best actress of India, whether she feels jealous of Alia? To which Kriti gave an interesting answer.

    Karan told Alia the best actress of India
    In this old video clip, Karan is seen asking Kriti a question, ‘What do you think about jealousy or competition or sometimes being jealous of people around you? Do you have such a feeling as you know? I need to look at it differently. Or to do better than her (Alia) and do better than everyone else? As Alia is the best actress of the country, there is a lot of discussion about her. So do you accept it at your level? Or does it motivate you to reach there?’

    Kriti talked about Mimi in response to Gangubai
    Answering this question of Karan, Kriti Sanon said, ‘I absolutely feel this. I also deserve this and it inspires me to do better. When I see better work. After which Karan says, ‘Like Gangubai?’ Kriti replies, ‘Yes, and you also think you know, I would love to get such a chance. I would love to do something, because I think Mimi is such an opportunity, when it came to me, it inspired me to do a lot in that film.’

    Karan Johar on target of netizens
    Now after winning the National Award for Mimi, this video clip of Karan is going viral again, due to which he has come under attack from netizens. Commenting on this video, a user wrote, ‘It is really fun to watch this chat now, leaving the eligible / ineligible. How Karan Johar tried to make Kriti Sanon jealous of his daughter, tried to discredit her achievements, so that he could win the National Award in a tie with Alia. Oh.. Now I know they must be boiling.’ At the same time, many other users are also trolling Karan regarding this question.

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