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Jazan forum to discuss value chain of Saudi coffee and relevant aspects to sustainability


Sep 25, 2022


RIYADH — The Ministry of Culture is preparing to organize the international “Saudi Coffee Sustainability Forum ” in Jazan between Oct. 1 and 2, to discuss the value chain of the Saudi coffee and relevant economic, social and environment aspects to sustainability.

This event is part of activities and programs of the 2022 Saudi Coffee Year Initiative, which is supported by the Quality of Life Program, one of the programs of the Saudi Vision 2030.

The forum will be discussing four main aspects, with the first focusing on coffee as a national wealth and includes four scientific papers.

The second aspect is dubbed “Coffee: culture and society”, through which several scientific papers will be discussed.

The third aspect is dubbed “Coffee and the humanization of environment” and will include four scientific papers, while the fourth aspect “coffee and health” will also witness four scientific papers.

The forum will include an accompanying exhibition to review the efforts and plans of stakeholders in the Saudi coffee field.

This is in addition to holding several specialized workshops targeting workers in relevant industries and sectors of the coffee industry, including researchers, policy makers, labor market experts, environment experts and health and nutrition experts.

The Ministry of Culture, through this event, seeks to enhance the status of the Saudi coffee as an icon for the Saudi culture and an indigenous heritage.

This is in addition to shedding light on relevant local scientific research, activating cooperation and communication with international stakeholders and benefiting from their expertise.

The event would help people get to know stakeholders, aspirations, challenges, needs and opportunities and reviewing the best practices and knowledge related to the Saudi coffee and requirements for its sustainability. — SPA


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