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    If I ever fall in love, age won’t matter to me: Vandana Rao


    Jun 7, 2023

    Vandana Rao.
    Digital Desk, Mumbai. Actress Vandana Rao, who plays the role of Chitra in Na Age Ki Seema Ho, believes that age should not be a yardstick for love.

    The show has made everyone believe that there is no barrier in love. Age doesn’t matter if love is true.

    When asked if she would ever fall in love with someone who is much older than her in real life, Vandana said: Absolutely yes! If love ever happens, age will definitely never matter to me. It’s about the person and love.

    What if someone is around your age but he is not loyal and disrespects you, will you be happy in that relationship?, no..age doesn’t matter when you are in love with each other Keeps It’s about mutual understanding and your unconditional love.

    He said: This show is a make believe. This show is surely changing the mindset as people are totally loving it and shaping their mind to accept love as love without any taboos regarding society pressure or age difference. have been In the end only love matters.

    Na Age Ki Seema Ho airs on Star Bharat


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