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    Husband was put to death for being ugly, wife arrested. Chhattisgarh Crime News Durg woman killed husband because he used comment her looks


    Sep 28, 2022
    Husband Wife


    • After the murder, the wife slept in the room all night
    • Police has arrested the accused wife
    • Anant’s second wife is Sangeeta, first wife has died

    Chhattisgarh Crime News: Chhattisgarh In the Durg district of K., the wife annoyed the husband by saying that the husband was ugly and black. the killing Did it The woman was so angry that after killing her, she also cut off her husband’s private part. The police has arrested the wife. Police officials said that 30-year-old Sangeeta Sonwani killed her 40-year-old husband Anant Sonwani with an ax in Amaleshwar police station area of ​​the district. Police has arrested Sangeeta.

    Know what is the whole matter

    The incident is of Kapasi village under Amleshwar police station. Sangeeta had informed the police on Monday that her husband Anant had been murdered by unidentified persons. After getting information about the incident, a police team was dispatched to the spot and the body was recovered and sent for post-mortem. Police officials said that Anant’s body was marked with a sharp weapon and his private part was severed. He told that when the police started investigating the matter, Sangeeta was also interrogated, at first she kept misleading the police but later admitted to killing her husband Anant.

    After the murder, she slept in the room all night
    Police officials said that during interrogation, Sangeeta said that there was a dispute between her and Anant on Sunday night, during the dispute, Anant called Sangeeta ugly and black. This angered Sangeeta and killed Anant with an ax and cut off his private parts. After that, she slept with him in the room for the whole night. He told that after the incident, Sangeeta remained in the house and told the villagers and the police in the morning that someone had killed her husband, but during the interrogation of the police, her crime came to the fore.

    Anant’s second wife was Sangeeta
    Police officials said that the police have arrested Sangeeta for the murder of Anant. He told that Sangeeta is Anant’s second wife. Anant’s first wife has died. Anant has a 12-year-old son from his first wife and a four-month-old daughter from Sangeeta. After marriage, quarrels started between the two and finally Sangeeta took this step.








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