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Watch: Drone flying over volcano collides with lava, still for breathtaking shots


Sep 12, 2022
Watch: Drone Flying Over Volcano Gets Hit By Lava, Yet Takes Breathtaking Shots

Watch: Drone Flying Over Volcano Gets Hit By Lava, Yet Takes Breathtaking Shots

The video has left internet users amazed.

A dramatic video showing a drone getting hit by bursting volcanic lava has gone viral on the internet. The clip was shared on Instagram by user Louis Houiller on August 29, and since it has accumulated more than 112,000 views and nearly 8,500 likes.
“It’s a lava resistant drone now,” Mr Houiller captioned the post. The video showed layers of lava bubbling up from inside the Earth and out of the mouth of the volcano. The clip is absolutely incredible and is probably the closest a drone has gotten to an active volcano. Any closer, the device would’ve likely been engulfed by a lava wave.
Watch the video below:

The man flew his drone around the volcanic fissure, capturing absolutely stunning footage of the bubbling lava. He moved too close to the unpredictable eruptions. At one moment, he even flew the device straight through a spray of hot lava. But this is when his drone was struck by the magma, however, it lived to tell the tale.
The video has left internet users amazed. One user wrote, “Woahh so impressive.” Another said, “This has to be one of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen in my life.” A third commented, “Breathtaking,” while a fourth simply added, “Mind blowing”.
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Meanwhile, earlier this year another video showing lava bubbling and spewing inside a volcano had taken the internet by storm. The clip was originally captured by a drone after Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall volcano started erupting with a series of dramatic explosions in March 2021.
The volcano went off after 781 years of dormancy and continued over the course of six months. Red bursts were seen flying out of the black pyramid and several locals went close to the volcano to take pictures.

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