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    Delhi Budget Latest Updates Arvind Kejriwal BJP and AAP counterattacks Each Other. BJP Retaliated on Arvind Kejriwal’s allegation, disclosed the complete timeline


    Mar 21, 2023
    Image Source: PTI
    Arvind Kejriwal

    New Delhi: When the budget was not presented in Delhi, a big political ruckus started. A fierce war of words has started between the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the BJP. The BJP has alleged that the Home Ministry’s objection letter was sent on March 17 itself, but the Kejriwal government did not respond and the budget could not be presented today due to non-approval. In reply, the common man Marty has said that the Chief Minister or the Finance Minister did not receive the objection letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs. The CM came to know last evening as the Home Ministry had sent the letter to the Chief Secretary instead of sending it to the CM or Minister and the Chief Secretary told this to the CM last evening.

    ‘The sword of arrest is hanging over Kejriwal’

    Delhi BJP President Virendra Sachdeva said, “From tomorrow Arvind Kejriwal Seeing the lies of The Ministry of Home Affairs has a rule to fix the date after getting the approval of the budget. The Lt. Governor has sent it on March 9… Sent on March 17 with objections… The file was kept under wraps for three days. Their intention is to lie and defame the country. The Prime Minister of Japan is looking at the country’s culture and Kejriwal is determined to defame the country. He further said, Kejriwal, involved in corruption, keeps proving himself poor. The sword of arrest is hanging over Kejriwal, so he has hatched this conspiracy to get cheap popularity.

    Understand the whole story of non-presentation of the budget-
    tell that today delhi budget It was to be presented but due to non-approval of the LG, the budget could not be presented. A copy of the budget was handed over to the Home Ministry. The Ministry of Home Affairs sought answers on some provisions like expenditure on advertisement, but the Ministry of Home Affairs could not get the answer from the Delhi Government, hence the LG’s approval was not received and the budget could not be presented.

    The Ministry of Home Affairs has asked 5 main questions to the Delhi government regarding the budget-

    1. First question- Why the provision of spending more on advertisement than on development?
    2. Second question – why only 20% for capital expenditure?
    3. Third question – If DTC and Jal Board are in loss then why free facility?
    4. Fourth question – Why 1000 crore loan for subsidy?
    5. Fifth question – Why are the people of Delhi deprived of the benefits of Ayushman Yojana?

    Please inform that the budget proposal made is of Rs 78 thousand 880 crore. Out of this Rs 557 crore is to be spent on advertisement. There is a provision of subsidy of Rs 4 thousand 788 crore. For these expenses, the government will take a loan of ten thousand crores.

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