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    Darryl Yap Challenge Catholic Church to Open Private Schools for Free


    Aug 19, 2022

    Controversial Maid in Malacañang director Darryl Yap issued a challenge against one of his most vocal critics, the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines through a Facebook post that has gone viral on social media.

    According to Darryl Yap, if the Catholic Church really wants to help the poor, then they should make Catholic Private schools free to the poor.

    The veteran young director also dared the Catholic-run private schools in the country to make the salaries of their teachers in step with the salaries of the public schools.

    Darryl Yap ended the brief Facebook post by telling his critics, the Roman Catholic church in the country that treating their teachers fairly and opening their schools free is the real meaning of concern for the poor.

    Read the Complete Statement of Darryl Yap:

    If you really want to help the Poor; Make the Catholic Private Schools free and make your Teachers’ Salary equal to the Public one.

    That’s what really cares.

    Netizens also joined the conversations as they commented on the viral post of Darryl Yap and shared their sentiments on social media.

    Read Some of the Comments Posted on Facebook:

    Marilou Mondero: Why do those people receive assistance from the government like EEC for HS students and the government also has a counterpart in k-12 and they pay taxes. It’s their business, they should pay tax. The boy from their school. D humble better than govt schools. Because they are exempt from tax. The law should be changed and they should be taxed. That’s their business.

    AJ Sanchez: Right. The tuition fees in Catholic schools are very expensive, then the salaries of the teachers are low and the others are overworked because the priests and nuns who run the schools are old, so they all work.

    Wilhelm Marquez: Right. Tuitions are expensive and they are exempted from tax. So when Digong said that Catholic schools will also pay the tax, they immediately calmed down

    Cesar Sotelo: they can also pay taxes, because most catholic schools since there is a separation of church and state, they don’t pay taxes properly but they are the ones who interfere

    Marvin Perfas: Right, this is a big point to talk about, Director, finally someone has a voice that spoke about it.

    Dudu Ignacio: Everything has a fee, baptism, communion, marriage, mass for the soul, the dead, and many more, which are not mentioned in the bible with a fee.

    Source: Darryl Yap FB Page


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