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    Cristiano Ronaldo lauds Saudi Arabia’s warm embrace, hails league’s global potential


    Aug 26, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    ALAHSA — In a powerful testament of appreciation, Cristiano Ronaldo, the esteemed leader of Al-Nassr, has conveyed his profound happiness and gratitude for his stay in Saudi Arabia. Notably, Ronaldo has labeled the Saudi league as a future contender among the world’s top football competitions.

    A match characterized by a deluge of goals from Al-Nassr against hosts Al-Fath, saw Ronaldo, the iconic star, shine in the spotlight with a remarkable hat-trick. His exceptional performance not only secured his team a triumphant victory but also emphasized his commanding presence.

    Speaking to the Saudi Sports Company channel after the electrifying match, Ronaldo said: “My happiness knows no bounds in Saudi Arabia. I voiced this sentiment last year, and my belief holds strong: the Saudi league is poised to rival the world’s most esteemed tournaments. It’s impressive to witness the league attracting such esteemed talent.”

    He added: “My heartfelt gratitude goes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its gracious hospitality. My elation here fuels my determination to contribute my very best to Saudi football.”

    Ronaldo also highlighted the continuous upward trajectory of the team’s performance, noting “We’re on an upward trajectory of consistent improvement. The efforts of each player culminated in a remarkable match.”

    The current summer transfer period has seen a wave of international acquisitions by several teams, setting the stage for an ambitious endeavor to propel the Saudi league into a prominent global position. Ronaldo’s endorsement, coupled with the recent influx of prominent names, has ignited fervent anticipation among followers of the Saudi league, as they eagerly anticipate the league’s escalating stature on the global stage.

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