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    Criminals shot young man in Samastipur, injured: was going home after shopping from the market, 5 miscreants surrounded and shot


    Oct 1, 2022

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    • Criminals Shot Young Man In Samastipur, Injured, Was Going Home After Shopping From The Market, 5 Miscreants Surrounded And Shot

    SamastipurOne hour ago

    A youth returning after shopping from Raipur Elderly Hot in Samastipur was shot and injured by miscreants. The incident is from Raipur village of Sarairanjan police station area. In this incident that happened late in the evening, the injured youth has been admitted to the Sadar Hospital by the local people.

    The man was shot in the right hand. The people gathered after the attack have admitted the youth to Sadar Hospital. The number of criminals is stated to be 5 who were riding on two different bikes. The injured youth has been identified as Mahesh Sahni of Raipur village in the same police station area.

    Regarding the incident, it has been told that Mahesh was returning home late in the evening after shopping from Raipur Haat. During this, five people on two bikes surrounded him at a secluded place a little ahead of the Raipur elder, they opened fire on him. When shot, he fell on the ground. When the surrounding villagers ran on the sound of bullets, the miscreants fled towards Patori. People took the injured Mahesh to Sadar Hospital. The dispute of transaction of work during MNREGA is being told behind the incident. The injured Mahesh also talks about identifying some of the criminals. On the other hand, on the information of the incident, the city police reached the spot and started taking the statement of the victim.


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