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    Controversy arose over Zomato’s new advertisement, deleted ad, know the whole matter…


    Jun 9, 2023

    Digital Desk, Mumbai.Food delivery company Zomato keeps sharing new and funny advertisements on the coming days. But now the Zomato company has come into controversy regarding an ad. This ad was made like a campaign for environmental protection, in which Aamir Khan’s superhit film ‘Lagaan’ actor Aditya Lakhia has worked. Aditya Lakhia’s name in Lagaan was Kachra and he played the role of a low caste boy. On the other hand, in this ad of Zomato, Aditya has been made recycled garbage. People did not like this at all, after which a big controversy has arisen, people are calling it an insult to Dalits. Director Neeraj Ghaywan objected to this ad, after which many people came in his support. Meanwhile, the statement of actor Aditya Lakhia has also come to the fore.

    Boycott Zomato trending on Twitter

    In the new ad of Zomato, the important message of recycling ‘garbage’ has been given. However, after watching it, users say that the company has misrepresented the character of ‘garbage’ in Lagaan. This advertisement promotes casteism and is insensitive. #BoycottZomato is trending on Twitter. There was also a demand to remove the advertisement, after which it was deleted from social media. Zomato released its ad campaign on June 5, World Environment Day. Its purpose was to spread awareness about the environment. Now after the controversy, the company has removed the advertisement from social media.

    Neeraj Ghaywan expressed objection

    Expressing his protest against this ad, director Neeraj Ghaywan has tweeted, ‘Of all the Dalit characters shown in the cinema so far, the garbage of ‘Lagaan’ was shown in the most inhuman way, which did not even have a voice. Zomato made a cheap casteist ad using the same character. Man’s table? Really? This is very insensitive. After this tweet of Neeraj, many users on social media came out in his support and started taking classes of Zomato.

    Aditya Lakhia’s statement came in front

    According to reports, Aditya Lakhia said that he had tried something new with the advertisement, but it did not work out. They say, ‘If this ban is done then it is done. What can you do now? It had to be a positive concept. The way we saw it, the garbage was giving the message of anti-plastic and recycling of waste. But it was taken differently. It became controversial and is now banned. That is all. I do not want to say anything further. Now that the controversy has happened, it has happened. Now Zomato has removed this advertisement and also given clarification. All I want to say is that if anyone’s sentiments have been hurt because of this and there is a need to apologise, then I am ready to apologise. What can I say as an actor. The company has also apologized to the people regarding the advertisement.

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