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CEO Al-Nasr: NEOM started the largest construction project in history


Sep 15, 2022


Saudi Gazette Report

RIYADH , Nadhmi Al-Nasr, CEO of NEOM Company, said that NEOM will provide the world with the best sustainable place to live on earth, featuring the best urban planning and livability.

Addressing the third day session of the 2nd Saudi International Iron and Steel Conference 2022 here on Wednesday, Al-Nasr said that NEOM will become the largest construction project in history, according to the planned scope of implementation. “The NEOM will have the highest iron consumption in the world, and this represents a great opportunity for steel manufacturers in the world to be partners with it,” he said.

Al-Nasr stressed that NEOM will represent the future of clean industries and the land of the future as it will attract the finest minds and talents in the world, based on artificial intelligence and modern technologies. “The city’s economy is based on several areas, including clean energy, manufacturing, media, education, and fashion,” he said.

Al-Nasr revealed that work in NEOM has reached the stage of construction, which is the most difficult as it is the largest construction project in history.

“It is a living laboratory for all green industries as it focuses on sustainability and renewable energy. The city’s industry will be based on renewable materials and green steel,” he said while stressing that the construction work is based on building the largest green hydrogen plant in the world.


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