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    Big action in Ankita murder case, DM suspends Patwari, alleging negligence. Ankita Murder Case DM suspends Patwari alleging negligence and complicity with the accused


    Sep 27, 2022

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    Ankita Murder Case


    • Big action in Ankita murder case
    • DM suspends Patwari
    • Allegations of negligence and complicity with the accused

    Ankita Murder Case: In the Ankita murder case, the District Magistrate of Pauri has taken a big action. The District Magistrate has suspended Patwari Vaibhav Pratap Singh of Yamkeshwar block with immediate effect on the basis of the investigation report of SDM Yamkeshwar. Vaibhav Pratap Singh has been accused by the SDM of negligence in Ankita’s case and colluding with the accused in his investigation report and has described the matter as serious.

    19 year old Ankita Bhandari used to work as receptionist

    Ankita Bhandari, 19, used to work as a receptionist at Vantara Resort in Ganga Bhogpur in Yamkeshwar, Pauri district of Uttarakhand. Ankita Bhandari was allegedly murdered by resort operator Pulkit Arya along with two of his employees, manager Saurabh Bhaskar and assistant manager Ankit Gupta, by pushing him into the Chila canal near Rishikesh. Earlier, on September 23, in the missing Ankita case, the three accused who had confessed to killing her during interrogation were arrested. On the behest of the accused, Ankita’s body was recovered from the Chila canal on September 24.

    After the incident, BJP expelled Arya from the party.

    Pulkit, the main accused in this case, is the son of Vinod Arya, a former BJP leader from Haridwar. Arya was expelled from the party by the BJP after the incident came to light. There is anger in the entire state with this massacre where people blocked the Rishikesh-Badrinath National Highway in Srinagar for several hours demanding immediate execution of Ankita’s killers. Thousands of people also attended Ankita’s funeral on Sunday evening on the banks of Alaknanda river and demanded justice for her.

    “Didn’t even let me see my daughter’s face at the last minute”

    Upset over her daughter’s murder, Ankita’s mother Soni Devi on Monday said that injustice has been done to her as she was not even allowed to see Ankita’s face at the last minute. He said, “What was the need to perform the last rites at night. When he had stopped so much, he would have stayed for one more day. The biggest crime they (government) committed was that I didn’t even let me see my daughter’s face.






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