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    Bhojpuri cinema: Ritesh Pandey wept bitterly for love, narrated through song


    Jul 3, 2023

    Digital Desk, Patna. Superstar Ritesh Pandey has been cheated in love. Because of which he is crying bitterly. Alam is that the video of the superstar crying is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In which Ritesh is heard saying that ‘Mera Chand Bewafa Nikal Gaya’. Actually, a painful song of Bhojpuri superstar has been released. In which he got cheated by his love. Because of which Ritesh is not in his senses and is roaming around badly.

    What did Ritesh say about the song?

    Lyrics of new song by Ritesh Pandey is ‘Chand Bewafa Nikal Gaya’. Which the fans are liking a lot. This song has been released on YouTube channel ‘Saregama Hum Bhojpuri’. Regarding this song, Ritesh Pandey said that this song is very close to my heart. I got goosebumps while shooting this song. Ritesh further said that, I cried a lot while shooting this song. It is seen in love that often the same people cheat us who are among us. That’s why I would like to tell the audience that you must listen to this song.

    The song got millions of views

    Fans are very fond of Ritesh Pandey’s new song. Because of which this song has got more than 355K views so far. While thousands of likes have been received. Actress Shweta Mehra is also seen in this song along with Ritesh, who is seen flirting with Pandey as well as someone else. Because of which Ritesh’s condition is looking bad in the song.

    fans liked the song

    Fans are showering love on Ritesh’s Bewafai Wale song. A fan named Neeraj wrote, ‘There is magic in the voice, do you sing.’ Another fan named Raju wrote, ‘The song has been made very well.’ Another fan named Raj wrote, ‘The actress is very beautiful due to which the song has become more beautiful.’

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