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    Bhojpuri actor Ritesh Pandey, who came with the public on the boycott trend, said that the public who said it was right. Bhojpuri actor Ritesh Pandey, who came with the public on the boycott trend, said that the people who said right


    Sep 2, 2022

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    New Delhi :

    Nowadays the trend of boycott of Hindi films has become very fast. Big budget Hindi film made at the cost of crores of rupees is getting ruckus at the box office on the very first day itself. But in the midst of all this small budget Bhojpuri films are doing very well. Due to the sale of TV and satellite rights at good prices, Bhojpuri film is earning more profit than its cost. One name in these films is very popular these days, singer and actor Ritesh Pandey. Ritesh Pandey, who is called Akshay Kumar of Bhojpuri films, is releasing a film every 2 months and he is doing good business.

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    Speaking to News State/News Nation, singer-turned-actor Ritesh Pandey believes that it is not necessary that every singer becomes an actor. But this is mostly seen in Bhojpuri films. Everyone has to struggle. He also struggled in the beginning of his career. During his struggle, DVDs and CDs were sold. He used to record his cassettes with distributors and shopkeepers by asking for cassettes from the company. He used to ask them to promote their songs and used to demand money only after the cassettes were sold. But today the means of entertainment have changed. Now the entertainment is on YouTube.

    Struggle has reduced a bit for today’s singers. On the question of releasing movies fast, Ritesh Pandey said that producers invest money in their films and if they work hard and complete the film soon, then the producer’s money is saved and he spends more money in the next film. . This will increase the budget and success graph of Bhojpuri films, which is very good for this industry. On the question of Bhojpuri coming on OTT, Ritesh Pandey said that the means of entertainment have changed now. Earlier people used to take out time for three hours and go to the cinema. But today he has a mobile in his hand and he is watching films according to his busyness. If there is any good content, then it will be liked by the public but the one who is a public figure,

    Those who consider people as their idol should also have their own moral responsibility. What kind of message they give in the society, how they affect the society, it matters a lot. Public figure should think a lot before speaking anything. In this democracy, what the public believed to be right was right, what was considered wrong was wrong. This is that Bhojpuri industry should also be made so big that people from other industries yearned to work in Bhojpuri cinema and proudly said that they work in Bhojpuri cinema. Today, Bhojpuri cinema is being used but people’s perception even today Has not changed.

    Today Bhojpuri cinema is being shot in London. The budget of Bhojpuri is gradually increasing and he is soon trying to take his films to such a level that his films are also engaged in multiplexes and people watch his cinema. Be bound for it. Ritesh said that he has released a new song and he is also making a period film. Ready to move from other industry.

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    First Published : 02 Sep 2022, 02:03:09 PM

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