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‘Baguio’s drainage system needs to improve’


Sep 24, 2022


BAGUIO CITY: Councilor Mylen Victoria Yaranon, chairman of the committee on public works criticized the city’s present drainage system where she said smooth surfaced retaining walls and smooth concrete flooring line its waterways, especially at Balili River, and big black corrugated pipes are being installed around the central business district for storm drainage. She wondered whether these will regenerate and enhance Baguio’s aquifers or worsen flooding. In a recent webinar she attended, with Climate Change Commissioner (CCC) Albert de la Cruz as resource speaker, Yaranon said de la Cruz advised that the adoption of nature-based solutions is the best way to mitigate the effects of climate change in the country . “Waterways used to naturally have buffer zones with plants such as bamboo and their base lined with boulders and stones that absorb the impact of the water’s velocity and at the same time regenerate the aquifers,” she disclosed. An architect by profession, Yaranon is hoping that local civil engineers will cooperate with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the CCC “to revise and correct their designs for waterways.” “I appeal to each and everyone. Let us work together now to free our oceans from pollution, especially plastics, not only for this month but make it our way of life every day and make the Philippines a resilient country by 2030,” she said .

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