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‘Auham’ is a film full of goosebumps, suspense and thrill


May 26, 2023
‘Auham’ is a film full of goosebumps, suspense and thrill


Cast: Hriday Singh, Divya Malik, Varun Suri

Producer – Richa Gupta

Director – Ankit Hans

Written by – Mahesh Kumar and Hriday Singh

Screenplay, Dialogues & Lyrics – Varun Suri

Composer – Vijay Verma

Rating: 4 Star

Digital Desk, Mumbai. In the world of cinema, the audience must have experienced films full of mystery and thrill many times on the big screen. But rarely such films are made, which completely shock the audience. ‘Auham’, which released today in cinema halls across the country, is one such hair-raising suspense-thriller film, which has been made with great passion.

The story of the film revolves around a married couple named Shiva (Hriday Singh) and Riya (Divya Malik), who are very happy in their little world, but one day suddenly Riya disappears somewhere and then Begins with such surprising ups and downs that the audience will be forced to clench their fingers.

Yashwant (Varun Suri), a capable police officer of the UP Police, gets the responsibility of solving the very complex and tangled story of Riya’s disappearance. While handling this case, such secrets are revealed in front of them that even the audience will be surprised to see them. It is worth mentioning that unlike the common Hindi films, in ‘Auham’, the UP Police has been presented as a very conscientious, hardworking and honest department working for the public interest.

If we talk about the acting in the film, then it would not be an exaggeration to say that Hriday Singh, Divya Malik and Varun Suri have given a new height to the film by acting amazingly. All other characters of the film have also done full justice to their respective roles.

Presented by ‘Richa Gupta Films’, full credit goes to director Ankit Hans for making ‘Auham’ an exciting film, who as a very promising director has made a wonderful film on such a complex subject, which will keep the audience hooked till the end. Thrills and sustains their curiosity.

From the screenplay, dialogues, songs, music, cinematography, editing, production value of ‘Auham’, every aspect of the film is so powerful that it must be seen at least once on the big screen. Looking at this film, it can be easily guessed that the makers have not made any compromise in making this film and have tried to present the film in a very realistic manner, in which they Proves to be completely successful too.

‘Auham’ is surely a film that will go straight to your heart and you will remember this film for a long time. Don’t miss out on watching a powerful and thought-provoking film ‘Auham’ on the big screen and enjoy this unique world of mystery and adventure by going to the cinema halls.


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